2018 : Not only militants, forces suffered highest causality since 2007

86 forces personnel killed include 44 cops too, figures reveal

Srinagar: Operation All Out has not just given a major jolt to militants but also to forces also who have witnessed killing of 86 personnel, highest ever since 2007 of the 86 security men slain in the line of duty, 44 were policemen, 30 army soldiers and rest from the different paramilitary forces. The fatalities of the security forces in 2018 are the highest since 2007 when 182 security personnel lost their lives, official data available with the KNO revealed.

“Number of operations has increased. Operations are reviewed always and we try to become better with each operation. If number of operation is high at times it happens”, a police officer told KNO.

Data compiled by different security agencies reveal that in 2007, security forces lost 182 men and the following year in 2008 it lost 85 men. In 2009, 79 security forces men were killed which dropped to 69 in 2010 and 33 in 2011.

Around 15 security men were killed in 2012, the lowest in 10 years (2010 to 2018). In 2013, the year when Afzal Guru was hanged, security forces lost 52 soldiers and the following year in 2014 around 47 soldiers were killed. Thirty nine security men were killed in 2015, 82, 2016 and 80 in 2017.

Jammu and Kashmir police has suffered the maximum brunt of militancy in 2018. Police have lost 44 of their men in 2018 which is the highest since 2006 when 78 of its men were killed.

“We are the forefront of the anti terror operations in Jammu and Kashmir and that is why the militants are targeting us. Plus they are looking for soft targets like policemen on leave, unarmed policemen going home or buying groceries in markets”, said a police officer.

Last year in the corresponding period , there were 329 incidents of militant violence in the state in which 200 militants were killed while 74 forces’ personnel and 36 civilians also lost their lives.

Figures reveal that 270 militants were killed by security forces in 2010. The figure came down to 119 in 2011. Around 84 militants were killed in 2012 followed by 100 in 2013, 110 in 2014 and 113 in 2015. Despite unrest, security forces killed 165 ultras in 2016. Last year 209 militants were killed by the security forces. Figures reveal that around 150 youth have been recruited into militancy this year compared to 126 this year. South Kashmir has emerged as breeding ground for Jihadists to recruit gullible youth for militancy in 2018.(KNO)