29 dogs shot dead in Qatar by gang of armed men claiming one of them bit child

A gang of armed men attacked a gated area in Qatar, murdered 29 dogs, and injured several other dogs after learning that someone had reported that the animals had bitten a child.

The assailants showed up at a protected factory area and threatened security personnel with guns before forcing their way into the facility, which is a place where stray dogs can be fed according to Doha-based rescue organisation PAWS Rescue Qatar. The men shot 29 dogs, including puppies, while also injuring a number of others.

PAWS Rescue said to NDTV, “Security team were rightfully scared as two of the men were holding guns. The security team tried to stop the men from shooting a group of beautiful friendly neutered dogs, but they realised that they were also putting themselves in danger also. These dogs posed NO harm to anyone, they were well looked after, very friendly and well-loved”

This incident has caused an outrage on the internet, the people are claiming that this act was barbaric and are also questioning the gun laws in Qatar.