4G restoration may pose challenges but ready to deal with it; SSP Cyber Crime Kashmir

Srinagar, Feb 06: As the high speed internet was restored on late Friday night after 18 month in Jammu and Kashmir, it may pose challenges for the security forces to deal with cyber security.

Talking exclusively with news agency KNS, senior superintendent of police, Cyber crime Kashmir Tahir Ashraf while welcoming the restoration of 4G internet in J&K said that it will also pose challenges for them.

He said that the restoration high speed internet in J&K will come up with its own set of challenges, however, they are ready to deal with any challenge.

“With high speed internet the online traffic will increase and will pose more challenges for cyber security. But we are ready to deal with any challenge as we have been dealing during 2G internet speed,” he said.

He also appealed to all the social media users in Jammu and Kashmir to upload and share content online only after proper verification.

“People must desist from sharing content online without verifying its authenticity. And if anybody is found sharing any content without authenticity he will be dealt with strictly under law,” he said.

Tahir said that after restoration of high speed internet across J&K, people should not misuse it.

Pertinently, high speed internet was restored in J&K on Friday late evening after 18 months after the abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019. (KNS)