6-years-old girl completes memorising the Holy Quran

The girl name is Maysam Yahya Mohamed, she becomes the youngest girl to memorize the Holy Quran in her country with fully tajweed and beautiful recitation.

Maysam’s Mum said, “Maysam began to memorize the holy verses of the Holy Quran when she was just three years old as we take her to the Tahfiz sessions which have been organized by the Sharjah foundation for the Quran and Sunnah in the mosques. Beside this we at our home trained her more to recite the holy verses and learn them by heart, we also ourselves corrects and re-add left verses and wrongly pronounced verses by her.

Her mother also added, “She almost memorized two chapters of the Holy Quran at the age of three and soon after that she won the seventh place in the Sheikh Zayed Holy Quran Competition in Abu Dhabi. She was the youngest participant in the competition even she was not going to the nursery or playschool.

Her mother added, that I get to know her talents when she started talking, whenever he talks she was reciting the holy verses of the Holy Quran as she was always listening to these verses in the radio channels and stations or on televisions.

She was also honored by the Holy Quran Radio of Sharjah in the UAE.

Many Quran competitions are organized by the UAE especially by Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Dubai International Holy Quran award also given to various children as they flourished the book of Allah by reciting it beautifully.

The Dubai Int Award is one of the biggest award ever in the filed of Quran competition and Quran reciter take it as a scope of going far in these fields, so it is an important award for these children and Maysam is now looking to achieve this award