8 Ways the Coronavirus Can Affect Your Skin, From COVID Toes, to Rashes and Hair Loss

As the pandemic progresses, we’re growing increasingly aware COVID-19 affects multiple parts of the body beyond the lungs. That includes the skin.

Here are some of these symptoms, from the most common to the least:

  1. Widespread small red bumps and multiple flat red patches
  2. Redness of the whites of the eyes
  3. Chilblain-like symptoms, commonly called ‘COVID toes’
  4. Hies
  5. Water blisters
  6. ‘Fishing net-like’ red-blue pattern on the skin
  7. Rash associated with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children
  8. Hair loss

If you’re concerned about any skin symptoms, you can consult dermatologist via a telehealth appointment for further advice.