Abolition of article 370 is the liberty for us: West Pakistani refugees

Srinagar: West Pakistani refugees have voted for the first time in last 70 years for the first phase of DDC elections.

According to them, abolition of article 370 has proved as liberty and equality for them.

One of them said “College toppers of our community were always discouraged and disheartened as they had no job opportunities. Our parents used to console us and finally that day is here. Today, we all are standing together and finally feel equality in J&K. This is justice for us.”

“Abrogation of article 370 has made us liberal. We were bounded by this. We were mistreated. What West Pakistani refugees are we when we have born and brought up in India?” added the other.

These people voted for first phase of DDC elections in Akhnoor and expressed their happiness as they feel liberal. (PTK)