Aggressive contact tracing, strict home isolation help contain COVID in Reasi

Srinagar: Constant contact tracing and strict home isolation of the positive persons has helped greatly containing the spread of COVID-19 infection in Reasi district.

In consonance with the guidelines issued regarding the home isolation policy, the district administration Reasi along with the health department devised a smart mechanism.

A surveillance officer has been deployed in each of the four blocks of Reasi, Pouni, Katra and Mahore who work under the supervision of Zonal Medical Officer. The area under the jurisdiction of the surveillance officer has been divided into further zones where the frontline workers like ASHA and Anganwadi workers have been deputed to deliver their vital services at ground level under the guidance of ISM Doctors.

Soon after the patients test positive, the Health team along with PRIs members counsel the patients and ask them to opt whether to stay at home in isolation or Covid Care Centre.

For a COVID patient to be kept in home isolation, the health team contacts patients through video calls to know about their health status and ensures that all the logistics arrangements have been put in place for the convenience of the patient.

The health team has also started counselling Covid-19 patients and their family members through Video Call to help them to overcome the stigma and anxiety related to the coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

For the proper screening of the home isolated patient, the doctor counsels the patients through Video Call and a routine checkup of the patient on a daily basis is conducted by the ASHA worker and FMPHW who checks BP, oxygen saturation rate, pulse rate and general symptoms of the patient.

If the patient shows symptoms of COVID19,the frontline workers immediately call at 108 for the ambulance and then the patient is shifted to the COVID Care Centres or a dedicated COVID care hospital for further treatment. The team would also make video calls to the patient from time to time to know about his/her wellbeing. The PRI members of the concerned areas have also been involved in this process to assist the health officials in ensuring the successful implementation of the home isolation policy.

Due to aggressive contact tracing and regular visits made by the FMPHW, Anganwadi and ASHA workers to the persons in home isolation for their regular health checkups, the rate of infection has reduced to a great extent. Reasi district has the lowest death doubling rate as compared to other districts.

The administration is also conducting aggressive testing of the suspected persons to contain the spread. On an average 500-600 samples are taken per day, while with best medicare facilities the cure rate is 70 percent. The district administration is also making it sure that the people follow the SOPs, guidelines in letter and spirit- the best way to counter the spread of the CoronaVirus.

With these figures, the district Reasi is in far better state than the other districts of the UT and this has become possible with the active support of panchayats /ULBs along with the vision and planning of the Medical Department, Revenue and Police Team.

The tireless endeavours of the authorities of Reasi District in countering the spread of COVID19 have received appreciations from the common masses.

The medical team comprising Chief Medical Officer, Dr.Rajeev Sharma; Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr.Younis; District Immunization Officer, Dr Usha Kiran; Block Medical Officer Reasi, Dr.Saleem Khan; BMO Pouni, Dr.Kamal Zadoo; BMO Katra, Dr Gopal Dutt; BMO Mahore, Ashraf Kohli; Area Surveillance Officers, Dr Kavita and Dr Sameer have delivered excellent services in the time of crisis and played a significant role in containing the spread of COVID19 in the areas of their respective jurisdiction.(KINS)