Akin to erasing history of Kashmir: NC denounces dropping Sheikh Abdullah’s name embossed police medal

Srinagar, May 24: National Conference on Tuesday denounced the move of Jammu and Kashmir government in which it had announced replacing the name of Sher-e-Kashmir embossed on the J&K Police medals for gallantry and meritorious service.

Opposing the move, National Conference State Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar called it an attempt to erase history and said that Sheikh Abdullah will continue to “rule the hearts and minds of people in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Stating that the actual change of nomenclature took place in 2019, Imran said, “Just to distract people from the Kashmiri Pandit protests and general failure of the JK administration, they are digging up old issues.”

“With due respect to the National Emblem, these attempts to erase our history, identity and icon show nefariousness of those running the show,” he said in a statement to GNS, adding, “People of J&K have struggled on many fronts to be where they are now. They fought oppression, autocracy. No one can change that. Not by replacing or changing names. Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah will continue to rule the hearts of people of J&K, no matter what they or their masters do.”