Al-Umar Chief Mushtaq Zargar calls for shutdown on Jan 26

O Al-Umar Mujahideen chief Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar on Wednesday called for a complete shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir on January 26.

“We call for a strike and observing January 26 as a black day,” he said in a tele-statement to GNS and also reiterated that there was no solution other than the “armed one” to Kashmir issue.

“Indian has forcibly occupied our home since 1947. There is only one solution and that is struggle through the gun. Talks and dialogue won’t lead to any solution,” he said, adding, “We have not taken the gun at anybody’s behest but only to liberate Jammu and Kashmir from India and until a single Indian soldier is there, our struggle will continue.”

He also paid tributes to all militants killed in gunfights: “We pay tributes to all the militants and pay salute to them and their families.” (GNS)