Alert today, alive tomorrow

We hope we don”t lose more Basits to the terror on roads

Javid Parsa

Basit, that young, loving soul with a smile that lit up the room. Always brave, always strong, always standing by his friends, in happiness and in pain. Most happy on his bike, lost his life on the same bike. Beloved Basit, gone too soon.

Leaving behind his family and friends shattered and heartbroken, Basit left for heavenly abode. We lost him to a horrific road accident but will make sure his memories don’t die and he is never forgotten!

It is true when they say, you know pain only when it is inflicted upon you. Much has been said about road safety but we humans, learn the hard way. Losing a brother in a road accident has just made us realise the graveness of the situation, not that other lives aren’t precious! With this incident, we have come to realise how so many families lose their loved ones and go through pain just because of utter careless on the road. The pain of losing someone is unimaginable and it is time we come forward and do our bit to save lives!

While grieving Basit’s death, the need of the hour is to create road safety awareness to avoid such mishaps. We cannot afford losing young lives on roads while we already have a lot of miseries and bloodshed around.

We have to make changes within us, as drivers, as onlookers, as parents, as part of the society. We have to mend our ways and spread awareness as much as possible! Parents have to play the most vital role by not giving sports bikes to young kids especially hot blooded teenagers. These bikes are not suited to our roads with their path requirements and enhanced features, thus posing great danger to lives.

Even if they are allowed to ride bikes, a helmet is mandatory and provisions must be made to make sure it is being done. On the part of our officials, licences must only be issued after thorough test of the person’s riding skills and bikes must not be sold to those holding learning licences.

The most important aspect that we have to work upon is rash driving and over-speeding. We often flout traffic rules whenever we get the opportunity, not realising how we are putting lives in danger. In order to be safe we have to mend our ways first, be able and responsible drivers.

Also not just bikers, a major group to work upon is our truck drivers. As soon as their entry time strikes, they speed into the city, driving rather carelessly. They need to drive carefully and at slow speed especially on narrow roads and in residential areas. Also many of these truck do not carry number plates, making it hard to trace them down if any mishap occurs and they are on the run. All in all, every driver whether with a big or a small car must be made aware and encouraged to drive at moderate speed keeping in mind the areas they are driving in.

As part of the society, our imams also need to take up the cause at Friday prayers and spread as much awareness as possible. And with our resistance leadership speaking up on the issue, we will be able to spread the word to as many people as possible. Talking of pedestrians and onlookers, what is most important is the job of being a good samaritan. We often hesitate in providing a helping hand to those injured on roads fearing the police and the law, this is where the biggest blunder is committed. If help is provided in time and the victim is taken to a hospital half the battle is won!

Being a part of this society it is the responsibility of each one of us to come forward.

We have lost many lives to this road terror and it’s time we come together and end this.  They are our kids and we are accountable for every single death that occurs with these road accidents.

Deeply pained but with hope, we will launch a state wide road safety campaign under the name of Basit Memorial Road Safety Campaign in the loving memory of our beloved Basit! We expect people from all walks of life to support this campaign. 

Creating awareness and saving lives will be the best way to remember our beloved brother. He passed away teaching us a big lesson and with his death he paved the way for an initiative that will save hundreds and thousands of lives. May his soul rest! Be safe Basit, wherever you are!

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