Agricultural Sciences Ph.D. Student Finds Creative Outlet in Art

“Art ek khaab tha jissay main ab jeete hu har din”

Khan Azra, a professional Science student presently pursuing her PhD degree from Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science & Technology, Kashmir besides her studies found immense pleasure and privilege when she dedicated herself towards her art skills. Speaking with Kashmir Today, Azra told although her time schedule is tightly packed and busy but she always sought for moments to spent time with her passion for art and poetry.

خاموشی کا عالم ہے،رات کی تنہائی ہے
اس پریشان سی دنیا میں رہ کر،عید بلا کسنے منائی ہے۔۔

دین ک اُجالوں میں،شعور بھرے خیالوں میں
کچھ پل کی جیت پا کر، یہاں ہار ہے کمائی ہے۔۔

کھونے اور پانی میں، ہر بار وقت گوانے میں
بادشاہوں نے بی تاج پا کے ، آخر میں مٹی ہے پائی ہے

۔ خان عزرا


I want people to see my reflection in my artwork that’s the reason I chose this name for my startup.

Being a self taught Artist, I started my work as an amateur. I tried to draw many things and was improving with each day. Lockdown aided me with more time to improve my skills.

I have also started to provide logo designing services for various organisations and with each day passed my work is being acknowledge and applauded which makes me to dedicate myself further more into my Art.

My art work includes sketching, painting, poetry, calligraphy (Arabic, kufic, gothic) and mandala Art.

No doubt I am not that professional, as I am a self taught artist. But I always try to add precision to my work with a that hope everyone will like it.

Living my dream was never an easy, I used to always consider that art can’t be opted as a profession but still for me “Art ek khaab tha jissay main ab jeete hu har din” (Art was a dream which now I live everyday).

“Its said its all about finding calm in chaos, I find my calm in art”, she added.