As COVID-19 cases mount, Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi govt. in rhyme

‘The 20-lakh figure has been crossed and the Modi government has disappeared,’ the former Congress president tweeted in Hindi

As novel coronavirus cases crossed the 20-lakh mark, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday took to Twitter to once again target the Narendra Modi government over its COVID-19 handling.

He retweeted his July 17 tweet, in which he had predicted 2 million cases by August 10, with a fresh comment that rhymed in Hindi.

“20 lakh ka aankra paar, Gayaab hain Modi Sarkar [20-lakh figure has been crossed and the Modi government has disappeared],” tweeted Mr. Gandhi that tweaks BJP’s 2014 election campaign slogan of Abi ki baar, Modi Sarkar [This time, Modi government]

For several weeks now, the Congress leader has been targeting the Prime Minister regularly over his handling of the Chinese intrusion and the pandemic.

On Thursday, addressing party colleagues from Bihar through videoconferencing, Mr. Gandhi claimed that economic losses due to COVID-19 would mount four times the current levels because of inept handling.

The Congress has been making a case for direct cash transfers to the poorer sections such as migrant workers, construction workers and farm labour and for protecting small and medium enterprises with a special package from the Centre.