Assure nation with ‘truth and facts’ on Ladakh border violence: Sonia Gandhi

Martyrdom of soldiers on border has shaken up the entire country’s inner conscience, she says

Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to assure the nation with “truth and facts” about what happened on the Ladakh border and spell out the government’s thinking to resolve the dispute.

In a video message, Ms. Gandhi said ‘the martyrdom of our soldiers on the border has shaken up the entire country’s inner conscience’ and offered her condolences to the families of those killed.

“For the past one and half months, Chinese troops have infiltrated into Indian territory in Ladakh. When there is so much outrage in the country over this, the Prime Minister should come forward and tell the truth to the nation”, she said.

“I would request the Prime Minister to assure the nation on the basis of truth and facts. How did the Chinese occupy our land and why did we lose 20 of our brave soldiers? What is the situation on the ground now? Are our soldiers in the captivity of the Chinese? How many of our soldiers have been injured? How much of our territory have been occupied by the Chinese and where all have they occupied?”.

The Congress stood behind the Indian Army, the families of every soldier and the government, she said.

“What is the thinking and strategy of the Government of India to deal with and resolve this situation”, she asked.

“We want to assure that in this time of crisis, the Congress party is fully behind our Army, their families and the government. I firmly believe that in these challenging times, the country will face the enemy as one”, she added.

With inputs from The Hindu