Attack on Kashmiri students attempt to vitiate Kashmir situation: Salman Nizami

SRINAGAR: Reacting to the attacks on the Kashmiri students in Haryana and Rajasthan institutions following the current situation in Kashmir, Congress today condemned these attacks and expressed grave concern over the safety of students. Congress leader Salman Nizami said “Reports of such incidents pouring in almost on regular basis are shocking and the menace has now reached an alarming stage”. Nizami said that under a planned conspiracy Kashmiris were being beaten, those spreading hate against Kashmir’s go unnoticed and in fact are being often rewarded. But, our students are being harassed, tortured, humiliated and disgraced one way or the other only for being Kashmiris and are being treated as anti-nationals, “there is no logic to threaten Kashmiris in many parts of India only for the reason that the right wing Hindu organizations derive pleasure out of it. He said, “Whoever disagrees with BJP’s version of truth is called anti-national or terrorist, there are no of complaints of harassment and discrimination against Kashmiri students outside Jammu and Kashmir. One of the most common complaints is that they find it difficult to find a place to stay as many landlords refuse to rent their flat out to Kashmiris. The govt must ensure Kashmiri students aren’t thrashed in any part of the country. Let all those elements realize that they are adding fuel to the fire, and attacks on Kashmiris may polarize situation in Kashmir & will create more violence. Nizami said “It is the responsibility of govt to ensure that Kashmiri students, drivers and traders present in their respective states are not harassed. He further asked the govt to take all measure to ensure that the attackers get exemplary punishment under law so as to prove a deterrent for the others.