Bhullar decision reopens Kashmir’s wounds: Mehbooba

‘PDP will build democratic resistance to such double standards’
Srinagar: Reacting to the Supreme Court decision about 1993 Delhi bomb blast case convict, Davinderpal Singh Bhullar the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Monday said it is another example of double-standards displayed vis-à-vis Kashmir and with every such development as like the latest by the Apex Court or its earlier verdict on convicts who have been on death row the wounds of Kashmiris are re-opened.
According to a statement issued to KNS, while addressing various roadside meetings in Tral segment of Anantanag constituency, Mehbooba said such discriminatory approach about Kashmir needs to be responded forcefully to prevent their repetition in future and that will call for an united and strong response at political level and through democratic institutions.
She said the National Conference, which should have represented the sentiments of the people of the state, unfortunately, collaborated in the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guroo in the most inhuman manner by even denying him a last customary meeting with his family.
Mehbooba said such an approach will perpetuate the feeling of discrimination which makes the task of reconciliation even more difficult than it has always been because of the wrong policies followed by NC and its allies.
She said Guroo will keep Kashmir reminding of the miscarriage of justice in the entire process leading him up to gallows.
Mehbooba said the PDP’s agenda is to prevent such things in future and the party will work to uphold the sentiments of people and protect the interests of the state, which has always been supreme for it than power and will build democratic resistance to such double-standards.
The PDP chief said her party is having a positive agenda for the Kashmir issue and the issues of Kashmir both at the state as well as national level and it will revive the reconciliation and reconstruction process it had started in 2002.
 Mehbooba said people of J&K have been discriminated in all respects whether it is the practices followed the democratic processes or governance with the result corruption, misgoverance and unaccountability has not been checked the way it should have been. She said if cases like Haji Yousuf, Cricket Scam, Drug Scam, PHE Scam, Land Grab scandal, recruitment frauds, molestation case involving Shabir Khan, ex-health minister would have happened in any other part of the country situation would have been altogether different and the culprits would not have been roaming free as it is happening here. 
“This all leads to one inference that J&K is being treated differently when it comes to the enforcement of law. Here action against anybody is brushed under carpet as if investigating cases of corruption and other malpractices will mean assault on the integrity of the country,” she said.
She said if voted to parliament the PDP will strive to build a national consensus on Kashmir issue by involving various shades of public and political opinion both in and outside the parliament so that the prevailing mistrust between New Delhi and Kashmir is minimized and there is a forward movement on Kashmir resolution.
She said the NC has never been serious about the state and its people and it has always played a damaging role through its repeated sell-outs, U-turns and treachery with the result there has been no headway in resolving the Kashmir issue over the last 60 years.
Mehbooba said PDP during its brief stint in the government not only changed the people’s perception about politics but it played a pivotal role in changing the political discourse about Kashmir issue, which was otherwise seen only through security perspective. She said an atmosphere was created in the state which gave a hope that things can be changed, if taken seriously. (KNS)