‘Bullets for stone not justifiable’Killing was avoidable, CRPF didn’t follow SOP: Radha Kumar

New Delhi: Condemning the killing of Srinagar youth, Former woman interlocutor Professor Radha Kumar Thursday said that the unfortunate killing could have been avoided if armed men would have followed standard operating procedures (SOP).
“This is a tragedy and whosoever are responsible for this killing should be booked and punished. There was no need to pump bullets in the body when they could have easily dispersed the protestors by resorting to aerial firing,” Kumar told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that bullets for stone is not justifiable.
“I fail to understand why they (CRPF) shoot to kill. Were protestors so much violent that CRPF personnel had no alternative but to kill a teenager. This is not the way and it augments alienation,” she said.
Radha Kumar alleged that CRPF did not follow SOP while dealing with the protestors in Kashmir. “The top brass of CRPF always claim that its men follow standard operating procedures (SOP) while rendering operational duties in the Kashmir Valley. But things are different as they never follow these procedures,” she said.
She told CNS that it is the right time for the government to instill confidence amoung people by going for a time bound inquiry and book the culprits. “People in Kashmir don’t believe in probes and commissions as they are never made public. This is the high time that the report about this killing should be made public and guilty be punished without any consideration,” she said. (CNS)