Come out of cozy rooms, Deputy Mayor to BJP

I hate BJP same as every Kashmiri hates them

Srinagar, Jan 09: Deputy Mayor Srinagar Shiekh Mohammad Imran on Wednesday said he is not part of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and hates them same as every Kashmiri.

Addressing a presser here Deputy Mayor said BJP workers should come out of their cozy rooms and work on the ground level. He said they are playing communal politics and targeting others in the valley.

He said, “people have given me mandate for development and duplicity of politics will not be tolerated anymore,” he said that Kashmiri’s have never sacrificed their aspirations.”

Imran said, “Kashmiri’s want development in keeping in mind sacrifices of our people. We have done strike for months together and we have survived.” He said he will not join hands with them for his vested interests.

“Come out of security zones and ask people what you want, he said adding that he will allow anyone to play double side politics with the people.

He said both SMC and other department played important role in the recent snowfall clearance operations. We should work together for the progress of the city, Imran said.

He said he received over 870 phones from people during two days of snow from people. They believe in action, not just hollow promises, he said.

While responding to Ramban rape, Deputy Mayor urged Governor to take action against the culprits involved in the gruesome act. On Tuesday, we protested in Banihal against the incident,” he said.

“We will always stand by these things in future and will not tolerate these acts by sponsored politics,” he said adding that he has no phobia of BJP.

“BJP has my phobia because I fought elections independently and fought it for cause, I will allow some will order from beyond walls as they are doing with their puppet politicians,” Imran said.

For development issue, you (BJP) cannot deny aspirations of Kashmiris and in Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai these things are done saliently rather than exploiting Kashmiris.

“We are exploited for Bijli, Pani, Sadak, Beek, and Reshwat by these so-called Politicians,” he said adding that they are playing politics with the aspirants of the people.

“Dialogue is the process to the way forward, and I stand by my verdict always,” he said. Stop closed-door politics, now things have changed in Kashmir,” Imran said.

“I have come to serve people not to buy people like others,” he said adding that BJP, Congress, are part of SMC but not for lobbies. I want to give crystal clear message to that he is not part of BJP,” Imran said.

On Shah Faisal Joining politics, Imran said youth are our future and it is a welcome step.

“Although there are differences between Mayor and Deputy Mayor but we will suffer our people, he said he will available always on at every front.

Srinagar city will be soon become Smart City and drainage system will be repaired and restored. “We are the public representatives along Kashmiris sentiments,” he said.

“I am accountable and answerable to my people. I am a public servant,” Imran said.