Condemn, Boycott, Blacklist Jay Cee Publications: IF

Blasphemous content was a direct attack on Muslim sentiments and deserves stern punishment: IF President

Srinagar: Strongly condemning the blasphemous content published by a Delhi-based publication – Jay Cee Publications, Islamic Fraternity Jammu and Kashmir (IF) has appealed to people in general and booksellers in particular, to boycott and blacklist the publishing company.
President Islamic Fraternity, Muhammad Aamir, said that the blasphemous content was a direct attack on Muslim sentiments and deserves strong condemnations and stern punishment for this act.
“This is not an ordinary mistake. This act (of publishing blasphemous content) amounts to ridiculing the base of Muslim faith, for which a Muslim would die thousand times to stop such people from committing such anti-Islamic acts,” Aamir said.
He appealed general public, particularly booksellers, parents, school heads, and scholars to blacklist the company and boycott all the publications from this publishing house as a mark of protest against the blasphemous act.
Welcoming the swift action by the district administration of Srinagar which registered a case against the bookseller for selling the particular books from the above publication, IF president hoped that the order will be followed by punishment for those who were directly or indirectly involved in this criminal act.
“This isn’t the first time that we are seeing our Deen being ridiculed by anti-Islamic elements but in the past, similar acts have been committed by such elements and were let free without any punishment. However, this time, it won’t be the case. We want this publication to be banned across India,” Aamir said.
He also appealed to Muslims all over India to wake up to the realities and protect the sanctity of Islam. “They (Indian Muslims) should boycott and blacklist this publication to prevent these elements from harming Islam”.