Corona model can eliminate TB in India by 2025: PM Modi

SRINAGAR, FEB 23: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday in a webinar related to the health budget that if the experience gained during the Corona period is used against TB, then by 2025 it is possible to eliminate TB from India.

He said, the world has set a target by 2030 to end TB. We have set a target by 2025 to eliminate TB from the country. TB also spreads through droplets of the infected person. Wearing masks, early detection and treatment of disease are also important in prevention of TB.

In such a situation, the experience we have got during the Corona period, which has reached the common man of India in a way. Now, taking the same precautions, we will work in the same mode in the field of TB, then the fight we have to fight against TB. We can win it very easily. “

Prime Minister Modi has also said that by making necessary changes in this model, it can be used against TB and by doing this, the dream of TB-free India can be fulfilled by 2025. (PTK)