Coronavirus | Indian newborn babies named Sanitizer, Corona Kumar and Kumari

A couple in Uttar Pradesh has named their newborn baby boy Sanitizer.


newborn baby boy in Saharanpur district, Uttar Pradesh has been named Sanitizer by his parents.

The father of the baby boy, Omveer, spoke to India Today Television and said, “Using hand sanitiser is very important to keep ourselves safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. The government in this time of crisis is ensuring an adequate supply of sanitizers, so that people can use them to remain safe. Free sanitisers are also being distributed to the needy across the nation.”

“My wife and I are highly impressed by the effective measures taken by both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to battle the novel coronavirus. We have named our baby Sanitiser because it is being used by everyone at present to deter the spread of germs on our hands,” he added.

The baby was born on Sunday at a private hospital in Saharanpur district.

Amid the nationwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, quite a few cases of parents naming their newborns after the new virus have come to light. Two newborn babies born to two couples on April 8 were named Corona Kumar and Corona Kumari in Andhra Pradesh.

Corona Kumar and Kumari: 2 Andhra Pradesh couples name newborn babies born during lockdown


In Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district, two couples named their newborn babies born during the lockdown after the novel coronavirus.

Two newborn babies have been named after the novel coronavirus by their parents in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa. Sasikala of Tallapalli village and Ramadevi of Alireddypalli village were pregnant and were admitted to the SF Basha Hospital in Vempalli town in the Kadapa district.

Sasikala was admitted on March 29 while Ramadevi was hospitalised on April 5. Both delivered babies on their respective dates of admission itself. While Sasikala delivered a baby girl, Ramadevi delivered a baby boy.

Upon the suggestion of a doctor, the parents named the infants after the novel coronavirus.

“One woman from Tallapalli came to us on March 29. She was in labour pain. As it was an emergency, we had to operate. A baby girl was born. The woman was happy. That couple agreed to name the girl as Corona Kumari,” Dr SF Basha told news agency ANI.

“My wife was suffering from labour pain. We brought her to the hospital. It is corona time but we had no option. She was operated upon and the girl was born at 9am on Sunday. We named her Corona Kumari, as the doctor advised,” the baby girl’s father said.

The baby girl’s mother Sasikala said that she agreed to the doctor’s idea of naming her daughter Corona Kumari.

“My baby was delivered during this time. So, the doctor advised naming the baby Corona Kumari. We agreed to it,” Sasikala said.

Speaking of the second delivery, Dr SF Basha said, “Similarly, Ramadevi came to our hospital on April 5. Hers was also an emergency case. There was no time to send her anywhere else. As they requested, we did the operation. That couple also happily agreed to name their baby boy Corona Kumar.”

The grandfather of the baby boy said that he agreed to the doctor’s suggestion of naming the child Corona Kumar.

“My daughter had pains during this corona outbreak time. We admitted her to the hospital. There, she delivered a baby boy. The doctor suggested the name Corona Kumar. We accepted it,” he said.