Covid-19: Mother defies odds as doctors describe distressing scene at JLNM hospital

Srinagar, Mar 27 (GNS): Doctors at JLNM on described heartrending scenes at the hospital where two sisters, 7 year old and 3 and a half year old from Srinagar who tested positive for coronavirus are admitted.

Both siblings were crying and they calm down only after their mother, who put protective gear as advised by the doctors, comforted them.

“They were crying and screaming because the siblings were without parental care since Wednesday morning,” a doctor at the JLNM hospital, Rainwari, told GNS.

The JLNM was recently declared among three hospitals exclusively for Covid-19 management.

The doctors are supervising these children with utmost care but they continue screaming especially the little one who craved for mother, the doctor said.

When asked about the parents, the doctor said “Mother was allowed to meet them after following protocol: wear the body gear.”

“Still, it is better for parents to keep patience and not risk their lives,” he said. The parents have to put up a brave face in these “unarguably the toughest phase in anybody’s life,” he said.

“We have kept everything available including the baby food for them. As one would expect, the little girl made things tough. She was continuously crying, craving for her mother,” another doctor said.

“These children don’t know what is going on here. Even we don’t know what is in store for us in the coming days. We are all in shock. Who knew we will have to see these times, this disease, this lockdown. The world is unpredictable now. Who knows what will happen next,” he said.

The children, from Natipora, had come in contact with their grandfather who had recently arrived from Saudi Arabia after performing Umrah and tested positive for Covid-19.

The man had shared the same flight as that of the Kashmir’s first Covid-19 patient a 67 year old woman from Srinagar’s Khanyar area who, according to doctors at SKIMS Soura, is recovering.

The coronovirus has already claimed its first victim in Kashmir a sexagenarian man from Hyderpora who had no travel history to any foreign country but, according to his family, had travelled to the Andaman Islands, UP, New Delhi and Jammu between February 15 to March 16. He had tested positive for the covid-19 and died at CD hospital on Thursday. There was initially confusion about the age of one of the siblings and it was wrongly mentioned as 8 months old earlier. (GNS)