DAK calls for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination

Srinagar: With Covid-19 vaccine roll out just around the corner, Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Saturday called for mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.

“Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination would increase vaccine uptake and save lives,” said DAK President and influenza expert Dr Nisar ul Hassan.

“Covid-19 continues to pose grave threat to public health. It causes serious disease in individuals and is killing people. Infected persons have the potential to spread it to others endangering lives of people,” he said in a statement to news agency Kashmir Indepth News Service (KINS).

“That makes mandatory vaccination ethically justified,” he added.

DAK President said mandatory immunization is an efficient method of perpetuating herd immunity which protects not only those who have been vaccinated but also those who cannot be vaccinated.

“Covid-19 vaccine can’t be given to people with history of allergies and those with seriously compromised immune system. It is not recommended for children and pregnant women as the vaccine has not been tested on them,” he said.

“Letting people to achieve herd immunity naturally is dangerous as lot of people could die.”

Dr Nisar said vaccine is a safer and more effective path. It will protect you by creating an antibody response without having to experience sickness.

“Merely giving people information on the importance of vaccine does not always result in willingness to take the vaccine,” he said.

“There are always people who would resist vaccination as they don’t trust the safety and efficacy of vaccine. They typically deny the existence or validity of the science supporting its use in the general population. They don’t trust experts either.”

“We may not be able to achieve herd immunity because of these vaccine hesitant people,” Dr Nisar said.

“Mandatory vaccination will act as a tool to combat these anti-vaxxers.”

He said vaccine will protect people from getting the disease and prevent transmission in the community.

When enough people get vaccinated, the virus cannot find any host to survive and replicate.

“This is how pandemic would subside and even become eradicated.”

“Compulsory vaccination is vitally important for healthcare workers including doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.

That would provide safe environment in hospitals for patient care.

Covid-19 vaccine would also protect healthcare workers themselves from getting sick and prevent disruption of healthcare delivery system,” said Dr Nisar. (KINS)