Darbar Move Employees Federation, J&K claims ‘harassment’ by members of secretariat employees

Jammu: Darbar Move Employees Federation, J&K has claimed harassment by members of secretariat employees.

“Darbar Move Employees Federation is in receipt of several complaints from employees that some union members of secretariat employees are harassing them and are trying to evict them from their allotted official accommodations forcefully by locking their alloted residential places. 

This act of aggression is  equivocally condemned by DMEF and such elements are advised to refrain from such behavior against employees in future or DMEF shall be constrained to take appropriate action,” a spokesperson of Darbar Move Employees Federation, J&K told news agency Kashmir Indepth News Service (KINS).

“In a step-motherly treatment the secretariat employee unions had managed to take loins share of quarters and bestow to their favourites, while as non-secretariat employees were left to mercy of God in dilapidated hotel rooms. But fortunately, the DMEF with its constant efforts has been able to get allotment of quarters in favour of non-secretariat move employees as well on ratio basis as specified in the relevant orders,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that DMEF doesn’t believe in hostilities and has always worked for cooperation and equality of employee irrespective of their place of positing but at the same time has courage and determination to fight for the rights and demands of employees. (KINS)