Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran Trashes Criticism, Says Hospitals His Domain

SRINAGAR — Dismissing the criticism by a section of doctors and traders that he was overstepping his domain by cheking healthcare facilities in the city hospitals, Deputy Mayor, Shiekh Imran Wednesday said Srinagar Muncipality was the licencing authority of the hospitals and health centres and he was only performing his duty.

Imran had earlier given a dressing down to doc­tors at Chest Disease Hispital Srinagar asking them to improve the healthcare following death of a patient allegedly due to their negligence. “Negligence of doc­tors at the hospital has led to the death of an elderly woman whose beloved were crying for the help in the premises of the hospital, when I reached there,” Imran told reporters.

However eve as a faction of the doctors have reacted sharply to his directive ask­ing doctors to improve the healthcare, Imran said that he was supported on the is­sue by majority of the doctors.

Imran said that he did’nt misbehave with the doctors, but rather asked them to im­prove the healthcare. He said that he visited the Chest Dis­ease hospital to “improve the situation there.”

“I want to seek forgiveness in case I have used any abu­sive language but I want to urge the doctors not to go for strike as it will only add to the miseries of the patients”, Imran said.

He added he has not fired any public servant but has sought that the matter of negligence of the doctors that left an ailing woman dead should be taken up with the Chief Secretary.

“In case I have used any un-parliamentary language, then I am very sorry for that but don’t make the people suffer,” he said.

“I understand there are shortcomings so far as infrastructure is concerned and I want concerned to bring it in our notice”.

“The change has begun and we will not tolerate suffering of people any more”, he claimed.

In a video that had earlier gone viral, Deputy Mayor had during his visit to the hospital asked that doctor that instead of sitting in his room, he should have attended the duties. The video shows a patient also complaining about the lack of healthcare in the hospital.

Imran had also asked the doctors that it was their duty to attend to the patients and said that there was “no way they could have justified the lack of patient care” at the hospital. In the video, he is seen to have been seeking an explanation from the doctor.

DAK Protests Measures To Improve Health Care

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Wednesday reacted sharply to the direc­tive of Deputy Mayor, Sheikh Imran, to improve healthcare at CD hospital. In a statement it as Imran to, “stick to his domain while deploring his misbehav­iour with the doctors.”

DAK president, Dr Suhail Naik said that such interference is a common phenomenon and “we warn him to mind his own work. The hospitals are working round the clock in every situation.”

“He (Deputy Mayor) should have learned morals before talk­ing to a doctor. It does not seem that he has taken education from a foreign country. We want to tell him to learn from Rural educational institute so that he can get some manners to behave with doctors, ” he said while condemning Imran’s behaviour.

“It is not SMC that is paying us; we are being paid through the taxes of people. He should return the money that he owes the bank, rather than telling doctors that

EJAC Sees Dy Mayor’s Directive To Improve Healthcare ‘Shameful’

President Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC), Abdul Qayoom Wani, came to the rescue of negligent doc­tors of CD hospital saying it strongly condemns the “abu­sive language”and misbehav­iour of Deputy Mayor Srinagar with doctors and paramedical staff on duty at chest disease hospital Dalgate. In a state­ment, Wani termed the inci­dent “shameful and unaccept­able to the employee fraternity because employees of the state are serving the people of J&K.” He said, “ the employees of the Health department including doctors and paramedical staff are discharging their duties in difficult situations and are put­ting their sweat and blood for patient care.”