Dialysis patients being ignored at SKIMS ‘Can’t afford treatment at Private Clinics, say patients

Kangan: The Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown to contain its spread seem to be taking a toll on dialysis patients here in Kangan area of Ganderbal district.

There are over 30 dialysis patients in Sub-Division Kangan who are blaming SKIMS Soura of ignoring them.

Dialysis is a process that purifies blood using a machine in case of a kidney failure.

One of the patients, Mushtaq Ahmed Kaloo told news agency KNT that doctors at SKIMS Soura Srinagar throw dialysis patients out citing influx of Covid-19 patients as reason.

“We can’t afford private treatment as it will cost enormous sum of money,” he said.

The Dialysis patients from Kangan said that SKIMS face staff crunch due to the lockdown, while they are being asked to wait as hospital is now busy dealing with Covid-19 cases.

A medico on condition of anonymity said that Dialysis patients already have a compromised immunity, which makes them susceptible to catching Covid-19 infection. So for such patients, visiting SKIMS where Covid patients are treated is fraught with challenges. (KNT)