Did deceased Covid-19 patient conceal travel history?

Medicos say Yes; Family refutes. Div Com orders probe

Srinagar, Mar 26, KNT: Shortly after the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir ordered inquiry into the alleged mishandling of Covid-19 patient case who died on Thursday morning at CD Hospital Srinagar, a medico wishing anonymity said that the patient kept the doctors in dark and never revealed his significant travel history.

The doctor told KNT “We have closely and keenly studied this case.

Patient arrived Srinagar on 16 March while he visited at SKIMS on Saturday, 21 March.

The patient inorder to attend a religious event organized by a Tableegi Jamat visited Malaysia. After returning from Malaysia he visited different States of India and finally arrived at the Tableegi Centre at Nizamuddin Auwlia in New Delhi.

There he had been in touch with some foreigners who were also part of Tableegi Jamat and belonged to countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, and France. It’s there where he probably developed Coronavirus like symptoms.

The from Delhi he landed in Srinagar, reached his home at Anwar Shah Colony Hyderpora, Srinagar. He offered Friday congregational prayers and at that time he was completely sympatientomatic. He was coughing and suffering from flu and fever.

Being an inhabitant of Sopore and inorder to attended a some religious event which in Tableegi Jamat terminology is termed as ‘Jod’ he travelled to Sopore.

Despite himself being sympatientomatic, the patient declared there that Coronavirus is not for them and they won’t get infected by this virus. He even led prayers there and interacted with a religious group that had come from another place.”

“After spending two to three days in Sopore he rushed back to his Hyderpora, Srinagar based residence and was having active sympatientoms of COVID-19.

Staying in his home, when he felt breathlessness, one of a doctor Doctor namely Dr. Zafar brought him to JVC Bemina hospital.

He was at JVC for only two hours; the reason is that he concealed his travel history. The patient completely concealed his travel history and didn’t reveal that he had been to Malaysia, different states of India and had contacts with some foreigners. Doctors conducted his X-Ray after finding him ill and suffering from viral pneumonia. On the same day he was shifted to SKIMS, Srinagar. This patient while looking for Consultants, stayed at Medicine Ward where at least three doctors were exposed.

He showed X-Ray to the Consultants but again he concealed his travel history when asked about it only on insistence, the patient revealed that he had been in Delhi and on that basis the doctor decided to admit him general ward and not in Covid-19 Isolation Ward, because the doctors believed he has no significant travel history.

But the family of the patient refused to get him admitted and took the patient home and give him some antibiotics,” he said.

He further added that next day when the condition of the patient at home deteriorated, he was taken to Chest Disease Hospital Srinagar. “Again at CD Hospital, the patient concealed travel history. For two days, the patient and the family were concealing the travel history at CD Hospital. His samples were collected after doctors found the patient is suffering from acute viral pneumonia and the COVID-19 result was found positive. It is was only after the final result, the doctors found that the patient had significant travel history.”

The medico said due to negligence of the patient almost 40 people including 7 doctors have been exposed and quarantined.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir has asked Additional Commissioner Kashmir Tasaduq Hussain Mir to enquire into the matter.

An order issued by Divisional Commissioner Kashmir reads:

“Principal SKIMS Medical College-Hospital Bemina vide his communication No. SKIMS-MC-PS/2020/39g dated: 25-03-2020 has submitted a report indicating therein that a 65-year-old patient, resident of Hyderpora Srinagar who reported to Casualty of SKIMS Medical College Hospital Bemina on 21-03-2020 at 08:30 AM alongwith his travel history was found to be a COVID-19 suspect.”

It reads that the report further reveals that the patient who was later tested positive for COVID-19 has not been handled as per the protocol required for treating such patients.

“The order further reads that knowing the travel history of the patient and observing the sympatientoms of the patient, the Hospital Administration has not brought it into the notice of Divisional/District/Police authorities when he left the hospital without getting admitted.”

As per the order the patient has been given ample time to spread the virus by intermingling with the public and relatives. “The negligence at the hands of Hospital Administration has resulted in a lot of confusion and vulnerability amongst masses.

In view of the above, Medical Superintendent SKIMS Bemina and Head of the Department, Chest Medicine SKIMS Bemina are hereby called to explain their position forthwith, the order states.

It also reads; in meanwhile, Tassaduq Hussain Mir (KAS) Additional Commissioner Kashmir shall enquire into the matter for exemplary action against these officers under rules.

The Divisional Commissioner has sought enquiry report within two days. He has also directed the Hospital Administration to assist the enquiry officer in the culmination of the enquiry.

Meanwhile, a post purportedly posted by family of the patient on social media that is viral claims that the patient was not having any international travel history.


On 18th March I had a discussion on phone with the senior specialist of SKIMS about the patient and revealed his travel history, his advice was medication and isolation although I was of the opinion to screen the patient in view of travel history but was refused.”

“So I kept the patient in quarantine, managed at home. As the patient was not improving we took him to JVC on 21 March and again revealed the travel history and on the basis of travel history he was referred to SKIMS for COVID-19 screening. So we took him to COVID-19 clinic where we again revealed the travel history in detail and resident doctor discussed the case with the seniors who advised home quarantine and medication although I requested them to screen him for COVID-19 but was refused in view of no international travel (as was the guidelines that time)”

“I then met a senior doctor at SKIMS, and requested him to screen the patient but was again refused because the patient did not have international travel, however he offered us admission or management at home in view of CORONA-19 problem in hospital. So, I took a decision to manage at home but he was deteriorating at home once I saw him next morning. So, I again called the senior specialist on 22nd March morning when he advised me to take him to JVC as we are busy with CORONA drill.”

“I was absolutely helpless so I took him to SMHS Hospital where again I revealed the travel history, so on the basis of travel history they suspected COVID-19 and the Resident Doctor had a discussion with his senior consultant about the symptoms and travel history which is all documented and was referred to CD Hospital.”

“I am very thankful to CD Hospital where he was urgently admitted and kept in isolation and screening for COVID-19 done the same day. He was the most pious person in our family.” (KNT)