Dog detained for allegedly biting ex-cop in Uttar Pradesh

Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh:  Uttar Pradesh is

truly the land of the bizarre. People had barely gotten over the absurdity of a massive search and rescue operation of UP Minister Azam khan’s stolen buffalo’s. And now a canine controversy from Bulandshahr district has become the top priority for the district police.

This allegedly ferocious dog has been detained by the Bulandshahr police for allegedly chasing and biting a former cop.

An FIR filed against the dog says it is a menace and that it bit former inspector Vijay Yadav while he was visiting his native village of Sanota.

It’s seems Mr Yadav had been struggling to get justice for more than three months and has even written to the district Superintendent of Police and the District Magistrate about the reign of terror that the dog had unleashed in his village.

The dog has been booked under section 289 of the Indian penal code which holds the owner of the animal responsible for negligent conduct with respect to animal that can cause harm to humans. The crime can send the owner to six months in prison and a fine.

The dog is not behind bars. Instead, he seems to have been adopted by the Gulawathi police station, and is being well fed and looked after.