Eid Al Fitr | In Saudi Arabia Shawwal moon crescent unlikely to be seen today: Astronomers

Astronomers at the observatory of Majmaah University near Riyadh in Saudi Arabia on Thursday confirmed that the crescent moon of Shawwal will not be sighted on Friday, Ramadan 29.

According to astronomical calculations, the moon will set before the sun on Friday, and will not be seen. Hence, Eid Al Fitr would be on Sunday, May 24, reported Saudi Gazette.

The observatory sources said, “According to the scientific calculations that were published on the astronomical observatory site that sun will set at 6.39 pm at 293 degrees, and moon will set at 6.26 pm Friday, Ramadan 29, and this means the moon will set 13 minutes before the sunset.”

The observatory sources further said, “On Saturday, Ramadan 30, corresponding to May 23, the sun will set at 6.40 pm at 239 degrees, and crescent moon will set at 7.23 pm at 293 degrees, meaning that the crescent will stay on for 43 minutes after sunset at an altitude of 8.84 and elongation of 10.60.”

Dr. Abdullah Al-Mosnad, professor of climate at the Department of Geography of Al-Qassim University, and founder and head of the committee for naming climatic conditions, emphasised that the crescent moon will set on Friday about 10 minutes before the sun in Makkah, and therefore Eid will be on Sunday.

With inputs from the Khaleej Times