Elections in J&K blood ridden, sugar coated poison for Kashmiris: Malik

Addresses gathering in Bandipora
Bandipora: “The history of Jammu Kashmir bears a witness to the fact

that pro- India politicians and parties here have always asked for votes in the name of development and progress but have always used to justify Indian claim over Kashmir. Elections that are contested under the supervision of Indian election commission, under Indian constitution and under the shadow of Indian gun is like sugar coated poison for Kashmiris and these have always been used to snatch our freedom, strengthening the clutches of tyranny and oppression on us and for legislating and Enactment of black laws here. Therefore taking part in these elections in any name and slogan cannot be termed but as worst enmity with Kashmir and Kashmiris,” this was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing a public gathering at Bandipora today.

According to a statement issued to KNS, Malik thanked people for their valor, passion and affection for the freedom movement and resistance camp. Terming the history of these elections held time to time in Kashmir as blood ridden, Malik said that from 1930’s people of Jammu Kashmir have been striving and sacrificing for the freedom of their nation but time and again leaders turned oppressors betrayed this nation and helped foreign powers to oppress and suppress us and snatch our freedom.
Elaborating the history of elections in Jammu Kashmir, Malik said that although these elections for assembly or parliament are fought in the name of electricity, roads, employments and water, good governance, change, corruption free society ,peace ,progress and other decorative slogans and time and again people contesting election tell us that these elections have nothing to do with Kashmir issue  but the fact of matter is that people after being elected have always used this vote to undermine the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir and safeguarded the interests of India in Jammu Kashmir.
Giving a detailed account of the history of these elections and people who were elected, Malik said   that the elections held on 15th October 1951 and the assembly that came into existence after these elections served this interest of India as sheikh Mohammad Abdullah who was heading the government through infamous Delhi agreement not only compromised the freedom of Kashmiris, changed their Nationality from Kashmiri to Indian but also directed the assembly of that time to rectify the accession of Jammu Kashmir with India.
“This assembly also legislated for the influence of Indian presidents’ office on Kashmir too. Sheikh Sahib was succeeded by Bakhshi Ghuiam Mohammad. Bakshi and his assembly took no time in removing the permit system that necessitated every Indian to take a special permission before entering into Jammu Kashmir. It was the assembly of that time that legislated for the merger of Jammu Kashmir with Indian union and hence pushing the people of Jammu Kashmir more and more into the darkness of slavery.”
Malik said In 1975 Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah signed the humiliating Indra-Abdullah accord for getting a fractured government; he declared the struggle of 22 years as Meandering.
“It was he who in 1978 slapped the black law PSA on Kashmiris under which hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris have been sentenced to imprisonments till date. His son in law Ghulam Mohammad shah complimented this by implementing another black law TADA in Kashmir. It was sheikh Abdullah’s son Farooq Abdullah  and his assembly who in 1984 paved the way for hanging the leader of kashmiri masses father of nation Mohammad Maqbool Butt  and  1n 1996  Farooq Abdullah constituted Police task force and provided them a license to kill Kashmiris at will.”
Malik said that in 2002, Mufti Mohammad Syeed came with a slogan of heeling touch and self rule. “In his healing touch policy he ordered custodial killings of many commanders and eventually the era of Farooq Abdullah’s catch and kill policy was repeated. It was Mufti who in 1990 as India’s home minister sent Jag Mohan to Kashmir with a license to kill any one and it was during that period the massacres of Kashmiris started. It was he who implemented black laws like AFSPA, Armed act etc in Kashmir that till date are haunting the people of Jammu Kashmir. Another “feather in his cap” is that he and his assembly handed over the screening committee for release of detunes to Indian state, this committee used to be headed over by deputy commissioner before that.”
Malik said that after Mufti Sayeed it was the turn of Ghulam Nabi Azad. From 1947, every Kashmiri knows the credentials of his party congress that is responsible for every hardship that Kashmiris have and are facing. Azad declared a bullet for bullet policy. He preached “ democracy and Ghandi Jees philosophy” to betray the youth of Jammu Kashmir  but actually acted as a dictator who banned pro freedom camp from entering Jammu region and that ban is still on.
Malik appealed the people of Jammu Kashmir to show resilience and wisdom and not to get deceived by beautiful slogans. “We as a living nation will have to safeguard the sacrifices rendered by us and our beloved martyrs and for that we all will have to keep away from these Indian elections and voting’s and safeguard our national interests,” added Malik.  (KNS)