Esra Bilgiç wishes to feature Kashmir in her documentary project

“Kashmir region is one of the places I am most curious about and want to travel to and determine a few places for the documentary project.”

Esra Bilgiç, who plays the fearless Halima Sultan in the super hit Turkish series, Diriliş: Ertuğrul, says that she would love to visit Kashmir and feature the country in her documentary project.

In an interview with Hello Magazine Pakistan, Esra, who is currently studying Law, shared that she has written a documentary project about “how nature responds to us in all circumstances.”

“The destroyed agricultural areas, forests ruined by urbanization and the habitats of animals which could return to their former fertile states in such a short time. No matter how much damage we do to nature, it hugs us every time we go to it,” said Esra.

She continued: “I intend to reach villages and mountainous areas that have difficulties, due to financial deficiencies and access to natural resources. I want to help the local people, to listen and photograph their problems, and to make everyone aware. In the quarantine period with the team in Turkey, we have identified a few places. I want to complete all our preparations — and after a few photography classes— get to work.”

The actor then expressed her desire to visit Pakistan for her project.

“I hope that my first visit to Pakistan will take place as part of this documentary project,” she said. “I want to photograph the geographical topography, the vegetation and the exotic sites. I love the mountainous areas of the Babusar Kaghan Valley; the views overlooking the Valley of Leepa in Kashmir; the camp plan in Concordia and the amazing Deosai plateau.”

Esra added: “In fact, the Kashmir region is one of the places I am most curious about and want to travel to and determine a few places for the documentary project.”

Meanwhile, talking about the success of the series, Esra said she cannot thank the audience enough for their love and that the success has motivated her to excel more.

“To know that the character to whom I gave life as an actor, embraced like this, is the biggest reward I could get. Literally it is like a prize,” exclaimed the actor.

On why Ertuğrul resonated so well with the audience, Esra said: “The fact that a movie series or music finds a response in people living in other cultures proves that emotions are universal. The main theme of the Ertuğrul was not to remain silent in the face of injustice, to stand by the oppressed and to fight for justice.”

“I believe that the people’s love for Ertuğrul has led them to embrace our similarities, especially in the ways we express emotion.