Everyone else is terrorist except RSS people: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi said that the image of India has received a major setback due to the farmer movement.

In a press conference held a while ago now, he said, “If what is happening with farmers today, then the image of India is shocked and the question is that how the country is treating its citizens.”

He said, “Farmers are asking for their rights. If the farmers are fighting, then they are being called terrorists. Are all the terrorists except the RSS people? “

“I have also questioned in the past why people were allowed to enter the Red Fort, this answer will have to be given by the Home Minister.”

In the press conference, he mentioned the issues of farmers as well as the Indo-China border dispute and said, “The truth is that the government is no longer able to control this situation and the BJP’s failure is now coming to the fore. I can see that we have a very difficult situation and this is dangerous for the country. “

“The country needs that the Prime Minister should give money to small and medium businesses and boost the economy which in itself will prove to be a strong message to China. I request the Prime Minister to do his work, his job is to hold the hands of the farmers and ask them what they want. “

Regarding China, he said, “China comes inside India and takes away thousands of kilometers of land but you gave a message to China that we will not increase our budget for the army, we will not support our army.”

“Our soldiers posted in Ladakh must also be thinking that the government is not giving money to the army amidst difficulties. At this time, the commitment of our army is hundred percent and in such a situation the commitment of the government should be one hundred and ten percent. ” (PTK)