Geelani continuously under house arrest, barred from Friday prayers: Hurriyat (G)

Srinagar: Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani is continuously under house detention from 16 April 2014 and it is 10th consecutive Friday when he was not allowed to offer congregational prayers.

According to a statement issued to KNS, Hurriyat (G) questioned Omar Abdullah that for what crime and under which law and provision, the pro-freedom leader is being imprisoned and for how long will this process continue. Hurriyat spokesman Ayaz Akbar today on 20th June in a press statement said that extra police personals were deployed at Geelani ’s residence on this day and some security personals were deployed in civics in the surrounding area.

According to a statement issued to KNS, police vehicle is as usual blocking the main entrance of his residence and the visitors are also minutely observed. He further said that in the six year rule of Omar Abdullah, Geelani  were detained for 4 long years at his home and during this period government has never came up with any official explanation for such a long house detention nor has Omar Abdullah bothered to answer that why is he so scared of the pro-freedom leader and what does he get from his imprisonment? The spokesman said that Geelani  is a well know political leader and he is representing a strong ideology.

Government should have faced him on political front and should have fought an ideological war with him, but Omar Abdullah doesn’t have any ideology except the ideology of power and chair, so he found it safe to silence Geelani  with state-power and adopted a permanent policy of keeping the pro-freedom leader away from the people.

Hurriyat spokesman said that it is the height of state-terrorism and lawlessness to confine any political leader without any legal and constitutional justification and all the institutions of the entire state including the judiciary are maintaining silence on this grave injustice. Although a case in this regard was also registered in Srinagar High Court 3 years ago, but it also failed to provide any relief to the pro-freedom leader and till now no notice has been taken in this regard. In 2011 the Justice Barien Goush, chief Justice of that time have although announced Judgment over a writ that the imprisonment of Geelani  is an illegal act on the part of government and had announced his immediate release, but the police put that decision of High Court in the dustbin. Neither was Geelani  released nor where restrictions over his political, social and religious activities ended. Hurriyat Conference appealed all the human rights organizations to take serious notice of the illegal house detention of the pro-freedom leader and use their influence for his release.

Meanwhile, Hurriyat Conference (G) is organizing a day-long seminar on 22 JuneSunday, 10:30 am at Hyderpora office, which will be presided by its chairman Syed Ali Geelani and in which the speakers will present their view point on the topic “Moujoodah Surat-i-Hall kay Taqazay” (Demands of Present Situation).

The seminar will start at 10:30 am at Hyderpora and will last till 04:00 pm during which a one hour break will be given at 1:00 p.m. for Salah (prayers) and lunch. All Parties Hurriyat Conference had earlier announced a seminar on 11 June, Wednesday but police disallowed that, after which to protest this government action, Geelani  defied his house arrest and led a sit-in for half an hour on the Srinagar Airport road along with the other companions.