Geelani hails increasing Pak-Turkey relations

Srinagar, Jan 6: Hailing the efforts of Pakistan to help resolve the long pending Kashmir issue, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani said that on visit to Turkey, Pakistan Primer Imran Khan in a joint press briefing with Turkish president, expressed serious concern about the issues concerning the Muslim Ummah.

In a statement issued, Geelani said that Muslim leadership has to come forward to extend a helping hand to the Muslims who are killed, crushed, subjugated and maimed in every corner of the globe.

From Kabul to Karachi, Dhaka to Syria, Kashmir to Palestine everywhere blood of innocent Muslims is spilled for one or other reasons, he said.

The pro-freedom leader said that anti-Muslim forces are collectively targeting a particularly faith and the main reason for it is the sold out souls of the collaborators and henchmen who very brazenly encourage the blood of their own people just for their vested interests.

He said that well off families, lush green fields and sky high residences are raised to ground by the heavy bombing within seconds and helpless innocent kids, elderly and women are massacred with no fault of them.

“Our unfortunate land is also chaired by Indian imperialistic occupation for the last 7 decades and our people are struggling hard to break the shackles of this forced slavery, but our oppressor has responded with an iron fist to quell our just struggle leading to unabated cycle of death and destruction,” he said.

Hurriyat (G) chairman said, “We as a nation are desperate to get the world know our sufferings and Pak-Turk joint narrative to resolve this issue has come as a soothing breeze for us.”

“Our land has become a testing lab for the latest and most lethal weaponry manufactured in the Indian factories, creating havoc in this peace-loving population,” he said.

He said it is surprising that UN’s silence encourages the perpetrators to violate and dishonour their own resolutions.

“Our well-wishers and sympathizers need to more ahead of just statements and our continuous sufferings demand some practical and concrete steps, if we are to be rescued,” Geelani said.