Gindbassh : Redefining Kashmir

By  » [Rameez Makhdoomi]

Recently, Kashmir witnessed a glorious cultural event that showcased the rich legacy of Kashmiri culture , the event ‘Gindbaash’ was held on Saturday , 29th March 2014 and celebrated with great zeal and zest in the convocation complex of Kashmir University. 
The function which was organized by Markus Kraft in collaboration with K virus Group of artists to provide a platform to young artists of the valley saw impressive participation from people besides a few foreigners audience as well . DC Srinagar Farooq Shah was the chief guest on the occasion. Pertinently, the glorious event attracted one and all. Arshad Mushtaq, a famous theatre artist of the valley was also present. The event featured multiple cultural events viz… skits, dance and singing performances by Valley’s young artists. According to the organizer Aabid Khan the main motive behind holding of the event was to give youth a platform to present their talent before people and after the event rave reviews proved organizers right. The event began with heart touching Sufi song by ‘Firdous and Group’. A local Shikara in the Backdrop of stage enthralled one and all. Via this song audience got greatly excited and offered loud cheers, the group was able to mesmerize them through their soothing voice. This was followed by a satirical poetry recited by GR Raina, a local volunteer participant. His comical poetry made audience hoot and cheer for him even after he left the stage. People were rejuvenated with cheerful looks . The other main highlights of the events were the skits performed by the well-known artists of the valley, Bashir Kotur and Rafiq Sethi. Both the artists with their commendable acting skills sustained the audiences’ interest till the end. Among the audience, foreigners were also seen clapping the performances who were having a leisure time all through the event. Dressed in traditional Kashmiri attire, the anchors of the event Arshad Dar and Irtika were able to interrelate with the audience throughout the event. In addition, prizes were distributed amongst the winners of ‘Kashmiri Proverb Quiz’. The audience was also enthralled by the dance performance of K virus group. The audience offered standing ovation while the group was dancing on famous Kashmiri songs, ‘Rind Posh Mall and ‘Bombro Bombro’. Their dance performance received a thunderous applaud from the audience. In all the performances, the hall echoed with the clapping of the viewers. The event also featured trailers of ‘Kashmir daily’ a film by Hussian khan.
Aabid Q Khan, Head of the MARKUS KRAFT and leading event management in or part of the world and a regular participant in famous TV Programme youth forum, and one of the important brains behind the Gindbaash concept undoubtedly proved his mettle and talent via successful conduct of Gindbassh . People are hoping that such events that give exposure to our youth to expose their talent are frequently conducted.