Give new administrative units to agitating areas: PDP asks Government

Give new administrative units to agitating areas: PDP asks Government
‘Alliance with Cong or BJP not a prerequisite for a breakthrough on Kashmir’

Srinagar, Feb 4 (KNS): Opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti on Tuesday reaffirmed her party’s ability to persuade the central government for any breakthrough on Kashmir issue irrespective of whichever national party comes in power in Delhi.
Addressing a press conference on creation of new administrative units in the state, at her official residence in Gupkar, Mehbooba said that besides providing god governance to people, resolution of Kashmir issue is of utmost importance for her party’s agenda. “Had forging alliances been important then Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was a minister in NDA rules when autonomy proposal of his party (National Conference ) was thrown to dustbin,” she said.
The PDP president said that he party was able to persuade the BJP led central government for major Confidence Building Measures on Kashmir like opening of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road and it has the potential to persuade the any national party which comes in power when it comes to taking of initiatives on Kashmir.
Ridiculing the state government decision of creating new administrative units without following any set criteria, Mehbooba urged the state government to fulfill the demands of new administrative units pout forth by people in many left out areas.
She said that the present dispensation has taken the decision keeping its narrow electoral interests into consideration. “It is a simple propaganda otherwise, one cannot expect any sincerity from a government which is bankrupt, not able to pay the bills of contractors, pay for transformer oils or for that matter salaries of the employees,” she added, according to KNS correspondent.
She said that PDP-Congress coalition government had appointed a committee of experts under former chief secretary SS Biloeria. “The committee was tasked to make recommendations about creation of new administrative and development units in the state on a rational basis. Since Biloeria had to opt out of the committee after some time it was continued under Mushtaq Ahmed Ganai.”
Mehbooba said the committee under both chairpersons made a detailed exercise, met people across the state and made some recommendations in 2011. “Since then the report had been gathering dust and the cabinet had been tossing the issue without taking any decision. Repeated demands were made to table the reports in the state legislature but without any response from the government.”
According to KNS correspondent, Mehbooba said that election time is the occasion to provide an account of a government’s performance. “As the elections approach the discomfort of the government became very obvious as it has nothing positive to tell the electorate. The watermarks of this government have been corruption, lawlessness, nepotism and lack of governance. A record number of civilian killings at the hands of government forces, thousands of youth victimized with false, multiple cases, dissent criminalized and opposition voices gagged, the government is clearly on the back foot.”
She said the people seek answers to their questions on the BOPEE scandal, back door recruitments, sale of jobs, re employment of the retired and the dead wood and subversion of the examination system and erosion of its sanctity and credibility.
Mehbooba alleged that like always in its history the NC looked for easy way out. Since people have seen through its emotional tricks it knew that the usual plank of autonomy or anti centre tirade was not available to it in the vastly changed circumstances. “The game started with a mock fight between the coalition partners, threats of resignation, hobnobbing with new possible allies and the stage was set for an unprecedented chaos in the sensitive state. Election time has been converted deliberately into a virtual social upheaval, with only elections in mind.”
She said the state was made to pay the price in the shape of chaos, collision and hostility. Villages have been pitted against villages. Tehsil, CD block and niyabat have become new prestige symbols because the government did not follow any rules or criteria. Every village feels equally qualified for an institution as the other one.
“People of Kaprin (Shopian) are protesting wearing shrouds and in Budhal (Darhal) people are on hunger strike. Similarily, other areas in Kashmir also protesting that include: Wachi, Turkehwangam in Shopian; Karna, Chumkoot, Gabra, Lolab, Wavoora, Kalaroos in Kupwara; Wasoora, Shadimarg, Shahoora, Drubgam, Awantipora in Pulwama; Seer Hamdan, Ashmuqam, Shangus, Nowgam, Achabal etc in Anantanag district; Manigam, Faag in Ganderbal and Soibug in Budgam. Kandi (Sangrama) in Baramula. In Jammu: Kotdaran (Budhal), Doongi Dodsan, Dudaj, Palma, Jamola, Peeri etc in Rajouri district. Buffliaz, Fazalabad, Gunthal Lolwer, Lathone, Chari Khawaja, Shendhra, Loran Gund etc in Poonch district Jib, Ghri and Rohan Dumail in Udampor district.”
She said PDP calls upon the government to take note of the protests that have spread to every nook and corner of the state. PDP is apprehensive, if the government doesn’t respond positively to the demands of the protesting people that may lead to untoward incidents resulting in some sort of tragedy. “Therefore, immediate remedial measures should be taken to satisfy the urges of those areas that feel left out.” (KNS)