Govt bans issuing tourist visa to foreign Tablighi activists

New Delhi: The government has decided not to issue tourist visa to any foreigner who wish to visit India and take part in Tablighi activities, officials said on Tuesday.

The decision was taken after it was found that about 2,100 foreigners have come to India since January 1 and indulged in Tablighi activities in different parts of the country. Many of them have tested coronavirus positive.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has been advised that missions may be requested to refrain from granting tourist visa to such foreigner who is likely to use it for Tablighi activities, a home ministry official said.

The home ministry told the MEA that it should ensure that details regarding place of stay and return ticket as well as financial means to defray expenses in India by such visa applicants must be examined carefully before granting them tourist visas.

In addition, the home ministry told the Delhi Police Commissioner to caution the Tablighi headquarters located in Delhi”s Nizamuddin and ensure that those who are promoting missionary activities on the strength of tourist visa are treated as visa violators. (PTI)