IIT Hyderabad Student Who Committed Suicide After Failing to Land a Job Leaves Behind Heart-Breaking Letter for Friends: ‘Don’t Forget to Live’

In a shocking incident, a masters student at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Hyderabad committed suicide as he failed to secure a job. He killed himself after leaving behind a note for his friends. He wrote an eight-page long suicide letter pouring out his heart. He wrote about his views on life, the low phase of his life, his failure to find a job. According to the extracts of the letter which was acquired by The Times of India, he tells his friends ‘don’t forget to live, ek hi zindagi hain’ (there is only one life). 24-year-old Mark Andrews Charles from Varanasi completed his Masters in Designing from IIT a few days ago.

The letter says, “I did have dreams, just like everyone. But now, it’s pretty empty. All this positivity, the constant smiling, telling people that I am ok, even though I am not’ he explains about depression and low feeling on not being able to secure a job. Police have filed a case under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) in the incident.

He apologised to all his friends and mentioned that last two months were the best time of his life. He advised them to not waste their lives in the IT industry. He wrote, “IT me kaam karte karte apni life matt bhil jana. Live a little everyday.”

As per the police report, “In wee hours of Tuesday, Charles hanged himself to death in his room inside the campus hostel. His friends informed us about the incident. We have recovered a suicide note from his room in which he apologised to his parents and friends for taking the extreme step. The body has been shifted to the local government hospital for post mortem.”

In the recent past, Hyderabad has been witnessing an increase in the number of suicides by students. There were also cases of students committing suicide after failing to pass JEE Main and in return not being able to secure a seat in IITs. A few months ago, a total of 50 students from various cities committed suicide as they failed to clear Intermediate Examinations. After the results of various exams were declared in the past two months, various cities have been witnessing an increase in the suicide rate.