India has successfully prevented the aggressive progress of COVID-19: Health Minister

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan makes a statement on COVID-19. This is the third statement of the minister in the House, regarding the pandemic.

As on Sept.11, over 200 countries are affected, he says. As on Sept 11, 250 countries are affected.2.79 crore people infected with 3.2% case fatality rate. Over 45 lakh cases, more than 76,000 deaths reported in India. 77.65% cases have recovered.

With our endeavour to manage the COVID-19, India has been able to manage the pandemic. He points out that the case and death per million is lowest in India.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan makes a statement on COVID-19.Health Minister Harsh Vardhan makes a statement on COVID-19. | Photo Credit: Courtesy LSTV

As he goes on to list the symptoms of the disease, Speaker intervenes. “Why don’t give the important details alone,” he suggests.

“I won’t take more than 10-15 minutes, sir,” the minister says.

The four-month nationwide lockdown helped the country to successfully prevent the aggressive progress of COVID-19. He says the four-month lockdown help the country ramp up the healthcare infrastructure.  There has been 36.3 times increase in beds and 24.6 times increase in ICU beds since the breakout, he says.

He credits the Prime Minister for the successful COVID-19 management. Opposition members object to it.

With inputs from The Hindu