India is our big brother, should talk to Pakistan over K-issue: Hakeem Yaseen

SRINAGAR, FEB 02: Chairman Peoples Democratic front (PDF) and former MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen said that India is our big Brother and they should talk with Pakistan to solve Kashmir issue.

While speaking to News agency Press Trust of Kashmir Khan said that the issue of Kashmir is seen from 1947 and nobody say ignore it. “People of Kashmir have been suffering badly for last about six decades due to ever increasing animosity between the two neighbouring countries of India and Pakistan”, he said.

Khan further added that “Kashmir issue is an internationally admitted political issue which awaits a peaceful and dignified resolution through a sustained process of dialogue and reconciliation between the leadership of India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir”.

Khan added “If Kashmir is not an issue then why Shimla agreement, Delhi Agreement and why not the relationship of both countries are friendly if Kashmir is not an Issue”

“The resolution of the Kashmir dispute has been made intractable over the years due to the premise of Indian-Pakistani bilateralism in dealing with the dispute,” Khan added.

Meanwhile reacting over the governor’s statement he said, “It is really unfortunate and for the first one we have seen that a governor of a state is interfering in Politicsband this not the work of governor to interfere in Political issue of State. He should only focus on development and peace”.

He added that the credibility of institutions is lost due to such political statement of Governor. He added that “I’m bit agreed with the statement of Governor in which he said Political parties have done lot of promise with people but at the end they did nothing for people”.

Over the remarks of Omar Abdullah on PSA revocation, Khan added that, his father and his grandfather have presided over the most brutal, corrupt and despotic regimes of Jammu and Kashmir.

He added, “Somehow we the Politicians are responsible for the situation of Kashmir”.

Khan added “National conference was already in govt at least 5 times in Kashmir seen from 1990 have they ever tried to talk with them”.

Khan added “People should now realize and try to find out a real person and people are well aware about us”. (PTK)