India vs Pakistan: Here is how the weather will play out

News Desk – 15 Jun 2019

Sunday will see the biggest match of the World Cup, but there is a condition. There are fears that the most anticipated match of the tournament might well be affected by rain and we might well see a reduced match.

So far four matches have been washed out and Manchester received heavy showers, the pitch was under the hover cover, while the rest of the square was covered by sheets.

Although the forecast is quite positive on Sunday, there are light showers expected towards late afternoon.

The Met department of United Kingdom forecasts suggest that there’s a 50% chance of rain at around 1 pm (Local Time) on Sunday in Manchester and after 7 pm (Local Time) the possibility of rain will go below 40%

Meanwhile, Accuweather, a weather forecasting website is predicting a light shower between 12 PM local time and 1 PM local time in Manchester on Sunday.

The match begins at 10:30 AM local time, hence we might see an on-time start.

The website further predicts be overcast conditions right through the day and there will be brief spells of shower as the day progresses.

The ICC has been under fire for not having reserve days for the marquee event. However, Chief Executive David Richardson made it clear that having something like that in the group stages would have been a logistical nightmare