Jammu Wakes Up To Another Sex Racket, Police Arrests 8 Pimps, 7 Madams

SRINAGAR: At a time when the authorities are desperately trying to monitor the social websites in Kashmir to manage the situation, it may have to worry for Jammu too. A sex racket has created a new sensation in Jammu because the people running it were using the social websites.

The racket exposed a month ahead of Durbar Move is being investigated by police in Jaipur. They have already arrested twenty persons and many more may go in, reports indicate.

So far, police have arrested seven girls and eight pimps. The Madams’ are in the age group of 26-40, police said.

The group was mostly operating on-line using the social websites like Whatsapp and Facebook.

The police acted against the gang on a formal complaint accusing at least six mobile owners of running the racket. They had put their cell phone numbers on social websites asking people to call them if they want “sex with excellent model girls offered from Jammu.” Reports said these men were actually running an “escort” service in the garb of which they were running a huge prostitution cartel.

Once people took the compliant seriously, it was a racket waiting for a long time to be taken care of. Within minutes after the case was taken up, police came to know about this major flesh trade chain. It raided various places and started making arrests of both, the cartel-owners and the comfort girls. Interestingly, these women peddlers had identified their “women” on the websites as well.

Senior Superintendent of Police Jammu told reporters that they have actually arrested 20 people and many more are round the corner. He indicated that the number of women detained for investigations might be more than what is publicly known. They have already registered a case FIR 93/2016 U/S 67-A, B IT Act 5/8 PIT Act.

Of the four initial arrears in the cartel, two were from Bishnah and one each from R S Pora and Jammu city. They actually led the cops to the “girls” and the pimps.

Interestingly, pimps from Mumbai were operating from Jammu city to manage their up-market clients back home. Interestingly, one of the detained is from Baramulla.

Dr Sunil Gupta, SSP Jammu, who is supervising the investigations has indiacted that the network of the racket may cross many districts across J&K and adjoining states also. The involvement of some high profile people in the racket has not been ruled out.