JK Bank officers’ fraternity organizes farewell party for outgoing chairman

Parvez Ahmed praises Mushtaq Ahmad’s leadership qualities

Srinagar: J&K Bank officers posted at Corporate Headquarters today organized a farewell party for its out-going Chairman and CEO Mushtaq Ahmad, who will complete his term on October 5, 2016.
The party was attended by the in-coming Chairman and CEO Parvez Ahmad along with Executive Presidents Abdul Rauf, S S Sehgal and Vagish Chander.
Speaking on the occasion, the in-coming Chairman Parvez Ahmad paid glorious tributes to Mushtaq Ahmad for his leadership and guidance that oversaw many of the great achievements of the bank during last many years.
He said, “In growth and development of J&K Bank as an institution, the role played by Mushtaq Ahmad has been remarkable. He has been the essential part of the evolution of this bank from an unfamiliar organisation to one of the premiere institutions of the country. It is under his guidance, the bank achieved the business target of one lac crore during its platinum Jubilee year besides many other milestones.”
“I have personally learned a lot from his nuanced understanding of banking and the consequent processes of his decision-making”, he added.
Parvez Ahmad also highlighted deteriorating assets and weekend balance sheet of the bank.
However he committed to improve the asset quality of the bank and also make the balance sheet strong.
The outgoing chairman & CEO Mushtaq Ahmad in his address said, “I feel delighted today to have been able to pass on the baton of leadership to someone from within the bank’s family as I had desired while taking the charge six years ago here at the same place.”
“And I am sure that the Parvez Ahmad will hold this sacred trust dear to his heart and build over the legacy and achieve higher goals for the bank in future”, he added.
While expressing his concerns over the conditions of banking industry in general and the state in particular, Mushtaq Ahmad sounded a note of optimism, saying, “Amid all these conditions what reassures me is the resilience in character and the firmness in foundations of this institution besides the tested loyalty of our customers and continued support of our major stake holder i.e. state government.”
However, all this confidence about the future of the bank is entirely premised upon my trust in the most valuable human resource of over 11000 employees of this institution, whose dedication remains unparalleled and unquestioned”, he added.
Further, he thanked all the staff members for their cooperation and generous affection.
Meanwhile the bank’s senior Presidents, S K Bhat & Mohammad Syed Wani, President, Vice-presidents/ zonal heads (Kashmir) and other senior officers were also present on the occasion.