J&K is ‘India’s crown’: Grand Mufti

Demands ban, investigation on Cadbury ice creams

Srinagar: Terming Kashmir as ‘India’s crown’, Grand Mufti Basheer-ud-Din has cautioned that repealing of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status is fraught with the dangerous consequences that could also jeopardize peace in the entire sub-continent.

According to the KNS correspondent, Mufti Basher-ud-Din stated that Kashmir is not the ‘personal property of anyone’ and that ‘it is due to Article 370 that India is in Kashmir’. “Kashmir is not a personal enterprise of any one nor is it the integral part of any country. Article 370 guarantees India’s presence in Kashmir. Its repealing will endanger peace and harmony that could be difficult to control,” he said while addressing people at Charar-e- Sharief shrine.

The Grand Mufti also asked New Delhi to start meaningful dialogue and take the arrival of Pakistan’s premier in Delhi during Modi’s oath ceremony a good omen.  “Sharief’s acceptance of Modi’s invitation must not be taken as his weakness.”

Kashmir’s grand Mufti also expressed serious concern over the alleged reports of ‘presence of pig fat in Cadbury Ice creams’ and asked the people to avoid consuming it. He also stressed for the early investigation into the matter. “Some Muslim countries have already banned its usage and also the people here should avoid using it including children. Anyone having further information over the same should inform the court.”