JRL appeals for a complete shutdown on Sunday, 3rd February 2019, at the arrival of Indian prime minister in Jammu Kashmir

Five years of Nerander Modi rule are marred with tyranny and oppression in Kashmir and his arrival only deserves a protest from the oppressed : JRL

Srinagar: Five years of Nerander Modi rule are marred with tyranny and oppression in Kashmir. During these years blood of innocent Kashmiris has been spilled ruthlessly, eyesight of young and old has been snatched by pellets, our residential houses have been blasted and set on fire violently, thousands of our young and old have been put into jails and thus lives of Kashmiris have been turned to hell. A person who in his pursuit to crush Kashmiri resistance ordered killings and damaging properties, hurting Kashmiri economy and other oppressive measures deserves only a protest from those he has oppressed. This was said by joint resistance leadership comprising of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik while appealing people to observe a total Kashmir shutdown on Sunday 3rd February 2019 when Indian prime minister is scheduled to arrive in Jammu Kashmir.

Appealing people of Kashmir to observe a complete shutdown on Sunday, 3rd February 2019, at the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Nerander Modi in Jammu Kashmir, joint resistance leadership (JRL) said that last five years of Modi rule has brought only miseries and agony to the people of Jammu Kashmir as in his pursuit to crush genuine Kashmiri demand of right to self-determination, Modi as prime minster of India ordered killings and maiming of Kashmiris, destruction of properties, damaging of Kashmiri economy , incarcerations of thousands of Kashmiris and other iron fist oppressive policies. Arrival of such a person who ordered all this cannot be an occasion of joy for us as it only deserves our strong protest and resentment. JRL said that when Nerander Modi Jee assumed the office of prime minister in 2014, he on priority basis adopted and implemented a vicious iron fist policy to crush Kashmiris. His government came out with policies like construction of Israeli type settlements for Kashmiri pundits, separate colonies for ex-Indian army personal and providing a permanent resident-ship to West Pakistan refugees living in Jammu Kashmir. JRL said that when people of Kashmir resisted these anti-Kashmiri moves in an exemplary manner, Modi government started a spree of Killings, maiming, destruction of residential houses, snatching eyesight of young and old by pellets, implementing tax regimes like GST to further damage Kashmiri economy and business, stopping foreign aid at the time of floods in 2014 to harm Kashmiris, stopping tourists from coming to Kashmir in a pursuit to damage tourism sector, using Indian agencies like NIA and ED to put people in Indian jails, putting thousands of innocent Kashmiris in jails under black law PSA and shifting many of them to Indian jails and other kinds of oppressive acts which are still going on unabated. JRL said that from last five years, hundreds of Kashmiri innocents including women have been killed brutally and world saw Indian soldiers desecrating, burning down and mutilating human corpses and even dancing on these like wildly. Using chemical, petrol, explosives to destroy or burnt down residential houses has been and is being filmed and broadcasted in a boastful manner, south, north, central Kashmir is witnessing crackdowns and CASO’S during which young and old, men and women are tortured, humiliated and at times showered with pellets snatching eye sights of as young as 16 month old Hibba Jan and as old as 80 year old men. JRL said that it is Modi Rule that left no stone unturned to damage Kashmiri economy by implementing tax regimes like GST, stopping tourists from coming to Kashmir and also looting our resources like water and Forests. JRL said that during his last visit, Modi Ji was appealed by Kashmiri tourist operators to appeal tourists to come to Kashmir but instead he asked Kashmiris to opt between tourism and terrorism and thus gave a clear message to tourists to not come to Kashmir. JRL said that this time Modi is coming to Jammu Kashmir with a proposal of handing over 850-MV Ratle power project to national hydroelectric power cooperation (NHPC). This is a systematic plan to continue loot of our resources and completely undermine our economy and make us beggars before New Delhi for using our own resources. Our resources are being utilized to light up Indian states as we the people of Kashmir despite paying heavy bills are being deprived of electricity in extreme cold season and further more threatened to privatize electricity by installing pre-paid meters and so on. JRL said that people of Jammu Kashmir will never allow this loot under the garb of NHPC anymore and will resist it forcefully. JRL said that how can we the people of Jammu Kashmir celebrate Modi Jee arrival to Kashmir as it is his regime that turned the lives of Muslims in Jammu into a hell, forcing many of them to migrate from their home land. How can we forget that how he and his cohorts tried to communalize the rape and brutal murder of a young Muslim girl Asfia at Kothua Jammu? How can we overlook the efforts of Modi and his regime that are hell bent to change demography of Jammu Kashmir under the garb of 35 A. and other acts like these. JRL said that a person who ordered and is defending oppression against Kashmiris cannot bring any Joy to us and Kashmiris can only protest and express resentment on his arrival. JRL appealed Kashmiri masses to observe a complete shutdown on Sunday 3rd of February 2019, at Mr. Modi’s arrival in Jammu Kashmir, halt all their activities, transport, business on the day and give a message to the whole world that Kashmiris despite all tyranny and oppression by Indian state will not stop their peaceful struggle for right to self-determination and rather will continue this struggle at every cost.