Karnataka: Man arrested for dropping used condoms in donation boxes at religious places

The Mangaluru Police have arrested a 62-year-old man for dropping used condoms at various temple premises and in donation boxes in the region. The police were on the lookout for the accused from the past one year, News9 reported.

At least five temples in Mangaluru had complained to police after used condoms were found in the temple premises this year. The police had failed to nab the accused. On December 27, a similar incident had taken place at a temple in Korajjana Katte village. After the temple management complained to the police, CCTVs in the temple and surrounding areas were checked, in which a suspicious-looking man was seen dropping something in the donation box and leaving the place.

Based on the CCTV footage, police nabbed a person on suspicion and during investigation, the accused confessed that he had desecrated many religious places in a similar manner.

Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashikumar said five such cases were registered this year.

“Five cases were registered at various police stations where used condoms were thrown in different temple premises in Mangaluru. With the help of the CCTV footage, our team managed to nab the accused.”

According to police, the accused has been identified as Devdas Desai, a native of Unkal in Hubbali, who has been living in Mangaluru for the past 20 years.

“Since his father’s days, the family has been practising Christianity. He left his wife and child many years ago and is not in touch with them. He is an ardent Christian,” Shashikumar added.

Desai used to work as an auto driver. Due to old age, he left the job and started collecting plastic and sell it to scrap shops to earn a livelihood.

During the interrogation, Desai confessed that he targeted not just Hindu temples, but also other religious places.

“The accused had dropped used condoms in Gurudwaras as well as Mosques in the region. He has also revealed all the areas where has done such acts. When asked about how he can recall all the places clearly, he said he had worked as an auto driver for over 15 years and is well versed with all the places. He used to collect used condoms from waste dumps. We have also found some writings against other religions from his house,” Shashikumar said.

A total of 18 religious places were desecrated by the accused in the past year in the sensitive Mangaluru region.

While speaking to the media, Desai defended his acts and said he had no remorse.

“I am spreading the message of Jesus from the past 15 years. The Bible says that except Jesus there is no other god. I used to drop these condoms as impure gifts must be given to impure places. I don’t have any remorse, the god has given us a life of 70 years and I am already 62 years old.”

The Mangaluru Police Commissioner added: “During our questioning, we did not find him to be mentally ill. He can read and write, and answers all our questions. During his medical check-up, we will ask doctors to issue us a certificate on his mental health.”

Police said they would produce Desai before the court and seek his remand for further interrogation.