‘Karuna’ to poor is answer to corona: PM Narendra Modi

ET Bureau

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New Delhi: Each citizen should try to help nine poor families during the 21 days of lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said and likened the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic to the legendary Kurukshetra war that lasted 18 days. “Our effort is to win the war against Corona in 21 days,” Modi said on Wednesday.

“The Mahabharata was won in 18 days. The war against Coronavirus will take 21 days. At present, the problem period is 21 days. But if virus spread does not stop, it will incalculable damage,” the PM said in avideo-address to people of Varanasi, his constituency, reiterating his advice to stay home for the next 21 days. He said people should “answer Corona with karuna (compassion)” towards the poor and the needy. “For the next 21days, whoever has the capability, please help nine poor families, daily. There cannot be any bigger service during Navratra. Also, take care of animals around you,” the PM said. He also said the government had forged a partnership with WhatsApp and set up a helpdesk to share authentic information on Covid-19 and shared a helpline number: 9013151515 Modi reiterated that staying indoors and maintaining social distancing of 1-1.5 metres, if out for emergencies, were the ‘only solutions’ to fight Covid-19.

“Many people have wrong notions and have accepted solutions which they find easy and convenient. Please understand the truth – the disease does not discriminate between rich and poor. Even those who take good care of their health can be impacted by the (novel) coronavirus (SARSCoV-2). Also, there are people who do listen and see everything but do not implement it (social distancing). They are careless and do not exercise caution,” Modi said.

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