Kashmir issue a Living Reality And One Cannot Dream Of a Lasting And Durable Peace And Prosperity in Sub continent Without Solving it: Yasin Malik

Our Peers, Saints, Spiritual Leaders Showed Us The Way Of Life And Struggle For Honor And Divinity and Dignity.

Srinagar: Our peers, saints, spiritual leaders showed us the way of life. They taught us to struggle for honor and dignity of humans. Islam and Muslims can still lead the world by following the footsteps of these great people.Kashmir issue a living reality and without solving this issue one cannot dream of lasting and durable peace and prosperity in sub continent. This was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing people at Aaliyah Gousia Sarai Bala Srinagar today.  
Yasin Malik while addressing the gathering said that our peers, saints, spiritual leaders showed us the way of wisdom, tolerance, struggle and steadfastness. “We have forgotten the teachings of these spiritual leaders and because of this ignorance we are today suffering in our daily lives”.
Yasin Malik visited the Buqa Aaliyah Gousia Sarai Bala Srinagar to pay homage and expresses his gratitude towards the great Peer who actually taught Muslims the way of living with dignity and pride. In his speech Yasin Malik said that Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (RAH) led us on the religious and spiritual fronts. It was this great thinker and spiritual leader who besides providing us the much needed religious and spiritual teachings also taught us the way of living with dignity and honor and adhering to the truth.
Yasin sahib said that Alas! We Kashmiris have ignored the teachings of our Great spiritual leaders and are today facing a Miserable life. He said that we have lost the moral freedom granted by this spiritual peer and our youth are today running away from us and even from the faith.
Yasin also appealed for religious tolerance and Maslaki brotherhood among Muslims and said that promoting mutual brotherhood is the only solution that can eradicate our miseries. 
Yasin Malik said that our spiritual leaders taught us brotherhood and love and never indulged in any kind of sectarian disputes and we who believe in these leaders should also show restraint and tolerance. Yasin Malik said that we should restore and save our brotherhood and defeat all those forces who want to divide us in the name ofsects and casts.
Yasin Malik said that in this era of globalization we will have to take keen interest in safeguarding ouryoung generation who are on the verge of disaster today. For achieving this goal we will have to first eradicate the menace of sectarian divide from our rows.
Terming Jammu Kashmir issue as a living reality, Yasin Malik said that one cannot dream of a lasting anddurable peace and prosperity in sub continent.
Yasin Malik said that thepeople of Jammu Kashmir are fighting a war of their future and welfare. Our struggle for freedom is actually based on truth and justice and we have beenshown and taught this way of continues struggle for truth and justice by spiritual leaders like Peeran I Pir Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jeelani (Rehmatullah I Alaih)
Yasin Malik said that if India,Pakistan and the world want to promote peace, stability, property, tolerance and brotherhood in this region, they will have to accept the owner status of Kashmiris and include them in negotiations as the prime party to the dispute and solve this issue in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu Kashmir.