Kashmir Struggle: Lack of Leadership,Ideology and Sincerity

“If he is an infidel, he trusts the sword, If he is a Momin , a soldier fights sans sword”

“Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru”: Two Wings of Kashmir’s Islamic Resistance.

Waseem Raza

The sacrifices of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru are indelible chapters of our History in Kashmir. Both Great Martyrs of Nation kissed gallows without  budging before the tyrants. As Alama Iqbal Said ” If he is an infidel, he trusts the sword, If he is a Momin , a soldier fights sans sword”. Both Sacrificed for the Sake of Islam, Nation, Liberation and Humanity but unfortunately we have been deviating from the main cause time and again . We tagged Kashmir Movement with India and Pakistan. Kashmir Nation having an Islamic History, We forgot that we are having Independent History. I think Kashmir is a leaderless nation and every time at the peak point of our movement we purchase, surrender or deviated our Movement from its main Direction. We have lost Lacs of Youths and thousand were disappeared and gave immense sacrificed for “Right to self Determination” or “Indian and Pakistan Ties “.Our leaders always tag Kashmir`s Current Struggle with 1931 Movement but as far as the 1931 is concerned it was totally Religious, Social and Political and at that time people represented Islamic Spirit against Oppression, At that time the Movement against “Dogra Rule” No Resolution was passed on Kashmir in United Nation. The Movement had it history from 1931 where people gave the sacrifice in the name of Islam under the banner of Muslim Conference headed by Mirwaiz Moulana Mohammad Yusuf Shah. According to history India was under British rule upto 1947 and After Getting Independence Pakistan was Created on the Name of Islam but unfortunately after the death of  Qaid Azam Ali Mohammad Jinnah, Pakistan failed to Protect the Sacrifices and Slogan of Its Creation. Now a Days Resistance leader being called as “Separatists’” because there is lack of Intellectual Input in our Movement and that`s why Kashmir Struggle is weak .Our Slogan is Kashmir first and kashmiris first but all the time we look through prism of India and Pakistan, Geographical situation changed the minds of leaders time to time. I want to Say those  who saying Kashmir is only Political issue and it needs political situation? Why we using our religious platforms for promoting such time of politics which has nothing to do with Our Belief. We coming out on Streets only due to our Religious Spirit and Our leaders deviating from its main direction.2008,2010 were the best examples to understand what really our Power and Spirit is?Gun is not the Solution because it was proved that gun in Kashmir played a negative role and So Called Jehadist killed  thousands of innocent on the Name of Islam. It was an Conspiracy against Kashmir`s Movement to defame at many levels and that`s why Pandiths were asked to  leave  Valley but at that time Leadership did`nt played a positive role to protect our Movement and Expose Conspirares against Kashmiris. May Allah Forgive us ,Without Pandith, Sikhs and Buddhas Our Movement is Incomplete. Hurriyat Conference claiming the real representatives of Kashmir and On the Other side Pro Indian Parties claiming the same but both just using words to keep themselves happy and comfortable in their Dream of the Days.Both Ideologies are under control of India and Pakistan and never represented the true sentiments of Kashmir. Islam is the religion of peace, tolerance, equality and treats human being with high dignity and honor. In Quran we read Allah address human being as “O People”, “O you men”, “O children of Adam” or sometime address as “O people! Be care full of your duty to your lord, who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same kind and spread from these two, many men and women” .Islam teaches us to treat mankind as gift of Allah and Human beings as descendents of Allah, Islam recognizes only one quality of human beings that is to be careful of their duties to their lord. Islam not only respects the life of a human being but life of an animal and bird is also precious and killing of an animal as a game, joy or entertainment has been forbidden by Islam, and has mentioned place of such person in hell. About killing a believer has said:And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell; he shall abide in it, and Allah will sent his wrath on him and curse him and prepares for him a painful chastisement”.“And do not kill anyone whom Allah has forbidden except for a just cause, and whoever is slain unjustly, we have indeed given to his heir authority, so let not exceed the just limits in slaying, surely he is aided.”We Can judge better what we lack in our movement? The need of the hour is to follow truth, Sincerity and except our errors, so that we can find w way how to get success.May Allah Show all of us right path and give us strength to follow truth for the betterment of Islam, Nation, Unity and Humanity.
(Waseem Raza is the Editor of International News Agency “Newsnoor” www.newsnoor.com and can be reached at[email protected]