Kashmiri students ‘thrashed’ in Meerut University

‘We were forced to leave campus by authorities’
Chairman Youth for Peace and Development Rasik Bhat Has Condemned the Attack On Kashmiri students in Meerut University
Srinagar: The Kashmiri students at the Swami Vivekananda Subharti University in Meerut city of Uttar Pradesh have been asked to vacate the varsity by the authorities after a group of local students allegedly thrashed them over celebrating Pakistan’s win over India in the Asia Cup match on Sunday.
The students told GNS over phone from Meerut that all the Kashmiri students were watching the Indo-Pak Asia cup match with the students of other parts of India in the campus on Sunday evening. However, trouble started when India lost the match and Kashmiri students celebrated the victory of Pakistan team.
“When Indian team was in stronger position, the Hindu students were cheering. And when Pakistan team was in strong position, we used to cheer,” a 3rd year B Tech student wishing anonymity told GNS. He said “Finally when India lost, we cheered and this anguished and enraged our fellow Hindu students.”
The angry Hindu students, he said, started to thrash Kashmiri students. He said had their senior not intervened, the enraged students would have lynched them to death.
“They ruthlessly thrashed our ten boys. Our seniors saved us from their wrath,” he said, adding “When we went to the hostel to sleep, the students broke the window panes of our rooms. They terrorized us throughout the night,”
He said this morning the Hindu students staged protests in the University campus demanding the ouster of the Kashmiri students. Besides abusing them, the student, he said, also accused Kashmiri students of breaking window panes. He said succumbing to the pressure of the Hindu students; the administration asked all the Kashmiri students to leave the varsity.
“We were told to leave the University at the earliest. The administration also slapped a fine of Rs 5000 on us without any reason or rhyme. We’re being punished for supporting Pakistan cricket team,” he said.
“Around 5:45 pm, we were forced out of the varsity by the authorities. They are in no mood to listen to us. They have succumbed to the pressure of the fanatic students,” he added.
He said that at least 25 Kashmir students are enrolled in the University, who are undergoing different courses.
Rabia Baaji, coordinator, Kashmir consultancy, which sends Kashmir students to outside institutes, told GNS that she was not aware of the alleged thrashing of the Kashmiri students or their ouster from the University.
“However, today evening, I received a mail from the chairman, Atul Krishna, of the university about the incident. They have mentioned that this year varsity has decided not to entertain any Kashmiri student,” she said, adding “The Varsity chairman has also written the Kashmiri students should be sent to Pakistan for studies,”
When contacted, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Meerut, Aukar Singh, told GNS that he will look into the matter. “You have brought the issue in my notice and there is no need to worry” he said. He denied that police has interfered in the issue so far.
Meanwhile Chairman Youth for Peace and Development Rasik Bhat Has Condemned the Attack On Kashmiri students in Meerut University