Kolkata woman gets rape threats for on Kashmir

SRINAGAR: A woman from Kolkata on Wednesday alleged that she received non-stop death and rape threats over her Facebook post that criticised the Narendra Modi-led government after the Pulwama attack. She claimed that most of the threats have come from the right wing and VHP/RSS activists India today reported.

In her February 15 Facebook post, she had asked if those who are crying over the deaths of the Army men also feel the pain for ordinary Kashmiri citizens.

“Do those who are weeping for the Army men feel a similar pain for ordinary Kashmiri citizens? Will they remain left out? Just because they are Kashmiris? Kashmiri shawls and Kashmiri corpse, both are in demand,” the woman’s Facebook post read.

Speaking to India Today, the mother of a seven-year-old said that she was subjected to a barrage of hate messages on social media ever since she put up the post.

“I have been getting non-stop rape threats. Mostly form right wing trolls and VHP/RSS activists online. They are circulating my images in various groups calling people to target me. They are stalking me, trying to search and hunt me down. I have filed an FIR against those profiles but police is yet to take any action. I am scared.” (PTK)